During a month long artist residency in Iceland this past May I was inspired by the epic grandeur of the landscape, and the mysteries that lay beneath the surface of that strange island. 

Lava fields cover a good portion of the landscape in Iceland, and they are rocky and dangerous to navigate, with deep holes and crevasses that are sometimes shifted by earthquakes and the movement of tectonic plates.  Geothermal springs bubble and steam from holes in the ground.  Some rivers run boiling hot, while others are icy cold, melted from the icebergs which cap some of the mountains.  Unlike most of the planet today, most of the water there is pure and potable.  A person can drink from almost any stream. 

There is a tradition of folklore in Iceland concerning the “Huldufolk”, the Hidden People, a variation on elves,  which are believed to live in nature.  They are thought to be similar to humans but they live in a parallel world and protect the environment.  On many farms, a little land will be left to grow wild for the ”Huldufolk”, a little respect for the wilderness and what may live there. 

The work I produced was inspired by the rocks and the water and the mystery of the land.  The holes in the earth reflect to me holes in our consciousness.  Blind spots, things which may not be seen, not because they don’t exist but because they are things we are unable to comprehend.