Abstract Influences 

I am an abstract painter whose work is influenced by the landscape of my home in upstate New York. The stark light and dark of winter, the shapes of barns, silos, and roads, topographical maps, and the repetition and breaks of patterns in the natural world are all sources of inspiration. Other influences include 70’s graphic design, and African textiles, especially Kuba grass weavings from the Congo, and mud cloth from Burkina Faso (I lived in both African countries as a child).My preferred medium is encaustic paint (pigmented wax and damar) on wood panels, often working with the shape of the square, using it alone and in grids, utilizing a restricted palette. In my grid paintings, the panels are arranged and reassembled to create satisfying compositions that feel as if they have come about by chance, but are in fact the product of many hours of deliberation.  

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