My Echo, my Shadow, and Me. 24" square encaustic painting


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If you have been following my work, you may have noticed a change recently. After several years devoted to painting representational landscapes, I have committed myself to non objective abstract art for one year, starting in August, 2017. This is to give myself the time to really explore this new direction.

This piece is a black and white encaustic painting (bees wax, damar, pigment) on a 24" square wood panel. The paint surface is rich and highly textured. The blue areas are the wood panel with a blue wash of acrylic.

The title refers to a song. Like music, paintings can be full of feeling, while not always having a narrative. I've chosen to name these pieces after songs because I feel a connection between music and this body of work, and the songs are an inspiration.Encaustic paint is made from a combination of beeswax, pigment, and damar, and is worked by heating and melting the materials. Encaustic paintings are very durable (examples remain from ancient Egypt) but they are susceptible to high temperatures, so they should not be hung in a place which may get excessively hot, in direct sunlight, or near a radiator, for example.

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