Happy New Year!  I’m kicking of 2019 with a solo show at Ithaca’s CAP Artist Space, for the month of January.  The show is called “Molten” and it features work inspired by the volcanic landscape of Iceland.   It’s been an exciting time for me as an artist as I have gone deep in my pursuit of abstraction.  The new work may look simple,  but in fact it is  much more time consuming than landscape painting.  The actual act of painting in these multi panel works is often short and sweet, but the hours spent arranging the perfect composition can take forever.  There are actually more than two billion possibilities for every nine panel square format painting (true story!) and I feel that my job as an artist is to find just the right one.   In recent weeks I’ve been experimenting with more color.  I want the colors to be intensely vivid, so I’m using some alternative pigments that lend themselves well to encaustics.  I’m also using gold leaf and other colored metal foil to enhance the range of color and texture in the work.  Each new element, whether it be color or texture or shape, adds a whole new aspect to the equation.   Upcoming in 2019, My work will be represented by District Arts Gallery in Frederick Maryland.  The gallery opens in early 2019, and I’m looking forward to bricks and mortar exposure beyond my home town of Ithaca, NY.  It has taken a while for this abstract work to catch on with collectors who were accustomed to my representational paintings, but in the past three months I have been convinced that I am on the right track and that there is a solid market for this work.  In addition to quite a few piece selling to collections around the world, several licensing opportunities have come up in 2018 which are in the works now.  I’ll share more as things develop. I’m excited to see what 2019 brings and I look forward to sharing my journey with you here.  Happy New Year!